Relentless is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and works almost exclusively through collaboration locally in North Thailand as well as globally. Relentless partners with organizations in order to achieve a synergism for a common purpose. Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of my work, I’m not able to broadcast every partner here. Several are described below:

Chab Dai Christians working together to end sexual abuse and trafficking. I serve as their Medical Advisor.




Abolition International International Medical Adviser. Working with the Abolition International Shelter Association (AISA) to promote best practices and improve standards of care in after care shelters internationally.

Cancer InCytes Editorial Adviser. Cancer InCytes is an online magazine that discusses topics that are relevant to  cancer biology, social justice, and the intersection of the two. It is also an educational magazine meant to bring awareness of social justice issues to those interested in cancer research and research advocacy.

Christian Medical Dental Association (CMDA) Serving on the CMDA Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Task Force to mobilize, equip, and send health professionals to combat human trafficking in the USA and around the world. To take an online course (CME credit available) on health and human trafficking please click here.

The Impact Exchange Working towards holistic integrated development in Moldova.

Global Health Promise Medical Director. Global Health Promise is dedicated to protecting mothers and their children from the impact of trafficking, prostitution, and sexual exploitation.

Doctors At War “Not all armies carry guns.” I am the Director of Global Programs, equipping and linking health care professionals with  opportunities to serve in counter-trafficking missions

“The term ‘relentless’ clearly defines Katherine as a physician dedicated to caring for victims and survivors of human trafficking and pursuing health and justice for the poor who are too often marginalized in their communities. Since 2004, Katherine and I have collaborated on efforts to address the needs of women and their children who are trafficked and in prostitution. She has demonstrated leadership in working with other health professionals through, for example, contributing to the most current medical manual on the care of trafficked persons. Katherine’s experience in diverse cultures have significantly honed her understanding and sensitivities to the training needs of these organizations. Her relentless pursuit of health and justice will greatly contribute to the success of these organizations and improve the services for those to whom they provide care.” Brian Willis, Director, Global Health Promise.

Leaving a Legacy

It is extremely important for leaders to be training and building up the future. It is inconceivable to be doing something that is so important and not multiply myself and train others to do this work with me, take it to another part of the world, and carry on after I am no longer able to continue. Relentless is dedicated to working and building up others, either nationals in their own country, or younger health professionals from around the world who are also called to serve at the intersection of health and justice.


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