Getting Relentless

Relentless is a cutting edge project at the intersection of health and justice. As a global health consultant to organizations that work with trafficked people, Katherine Welch, an American Pediatrician, helps to build their capacity in developing a more robust health component to their interventions whether is it prevention, outreach, or aftercare. Relentless has developed a training curriculum for staff of counter-trafficking organizations, along with a series of “Bridge Guides” to help bridge the gap between local health care and non-health care trained staff. Furthermore, Katherine presents workshops for training health care professionals around the world about the health consequences of human trafficking, identification of victims, and trauma-informed care of survivors. Relentless also holds clinics (in collaboration with organizations) for exploited people where they are (such as in red-light districts), even before they leave their exploitative situation. Clinics are also held for those in residential or community-based aftercare programs.

Relentless is taken from a mantra among ultra distance endurance athletes: “relentless forward progress”. Relentless, according to Merriam-Webster, is “showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace”. The problems of injustice seem to be growing unimpeded throughout our world today. But Relentless is just as, if not more, unrelenting in the pursuit of justice.

We must be Relentless in…

  • Justice in health through compassionate service
  • Service to others – especially the marginalized, forgotten, and oppressed
  • Dedication to mentoring, partnership, and collaboration
  • Excellence in praxis
  • Sharing joy, hope, and love

“I wholeheartedly support Dr. Katherine Welch’s work through her organization Relentless, and I am pleased to offer my assistance in any way I may possibly help. Dr. Welch continues to be a valuable asset as a member of the Board of Directors of Doctors At War, and her input into the developing and promoting our programs has been very valuable. I consider Dr. Welch to be one of the true leaders in the modern anti-trafficking movement. She has a great compassion to help survivors and children of survivors, and her contribution into this work continues to define her as an innovative thinker and ground-breaker.” Dr Daniel Bercu, President and Founder Doctors At War, Inc.



9 thoughts on “Getting Relentless

  1. God be the swiftness of your feet and the success of your heart’s drive. Some of us can only stand with Him and help shoulder your support! Rosemarie Shaw

  2. Hey Katherine. My duaghter and I try and serve somehwere during her spring break fron college. This year that will be 3/9-3/16. I don’ think you are set up for helpful visitors bht thought I would ask before signing up for something else.

    Rich Quintano

  3. Dr Welch,
    I heard you speak at the GMHC 2013, and you inspired me to educate the healthcare providers in my area. I’m working on a presentation for our hospital system (13 hospitals in our bi-state area), and I’m also giving a presentation as part of a group to nurse practitioner students. I hope to see you again at the GMHC 2014! Thank you so much for educating those who can help identify and rescue trafficking victims!

    • Dear Anne,
      It is so good to hear from you and I’m very excited to hear that you are taking the message forward! Go You! I will send you a separate email about a group of professionals networking together – have you heard of HEAL?

      Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the GMHC this year, but am speaking at the WIMD conference in Philadelphia in September.

      Keep in touch!

      You should try to find

  4. It was so good to talk at the CMDA-CME conf. in Greece last week. Keep being relentless, Kathy. You are walking in the footsteps of all reformers who persevered in speaking out for Justice for slaves, prisoners, and the dismissed in the name of Jesus.

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