Introducing Prae

photo 3I’m both pleased and proud to announce that Thanaporn Phonboon, or Prae, as she is commonly known, is joining Team Relentless as a Project Manager!

Prae is a delightful, bright, passionate, young Thai woman of high character and integrity. She is educated (English major from Chiang Mai University), professional, and eager to learn, possessing the skills necessary to be productive in this work, as well as develop into the leader I believe she can be.

Before joining Team Relentless she was a Case Manager for Urban Light, a project to empower at-risk boys and youth in Chiang Mai. Therefore, I was already familiar with Prae and she was already familiar with the kind of projects in which Relentless is involved. Knowing the work and the environment, she’ll be able to help expand and increase the effectiveness of the work I do in Thailand.

I’m excited about the opportunity to build up and pour into and inspire younger Thai “sister”. She enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, getting outdoors, and is a runner!

I’ve been working Relentless solo for the last 2.5 years. I rely on volunteers quite a bit, but I’ve also been doing anything and everything to get this project up, running and expanding. For nearly a year, I have been keeping my eye out for someone like Prae. When I learned that she was available, I invited her to consider working for Relentless.

Because I know that this is the right thing at this time, I’ve taken a step of faith to offer her the opportunity to work with me. The cost of adding Prae to the Relentless team is approximately $900 per month. However, at this point I don’t have the funds to cover her salary and benefits for more than a few months.

Some of you already give regularly and generously. THANK YOU! Some of you give regularly and generously to other projects. THANK YOU! However, perhaps you, or someone you know, are considering giving more to Relentless or wondering how you could help meet a specific need? This is your opportunity!

Please consider giving $30/month, $50/month, or $100/month, or perhaps a one-time lump-sum amount as you are able to give. For example, if 19 people stepped up to this challenge, each would have to give only $35/month.

Contributions can be made through IDEAS (my USA-based non-profit “umbrella” organization) and designate your donation for RELENTLESS. If you wish, make a note that you would like to specifically support Prae. Other options include making a transfer to my Thai bank account or via PayPal (

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments!

Thank you and best wishes,

Katherine Welch

Founder, Director, Relentless


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