True Story – my friend’s unexpected journey

My friend, Elliot, who works with Urban Light in Chiang Mai posted his story about what happened to him on a visa run to Laos. It is a compelling, unexpected glimpse into the seedy world of the rural street-side flesh trade that occurs around the world.

I have been busier than expected lately, and now am in the States, which is always a hectic time, so I’m re-posting from Elliot’s blog. It is a bit lengthy, but it is worth your time to read! One of my colleagues in Laos mentioned that the girl who was said to be Japanese in the story is most likely NOT Japanese, but the pimps will say that to make her appear more “exotic”. You can read her full comment in the comment section.

One update: the Key Conference in South Carolina had to be cancelled. The Office of Victims of Crime (a federal agency) was the main sponsor so unfortunately due to the government shut down they reneged their grant for the conference.


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