Urbana 12 Breakout Session Talks

Here are the links to the talks I gave at Urbana 12 last month, per your requests!

Urbana 12 Health and Human Trafficking

Urbana Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Please note that I have removed most of the photographs due to child protection and copy-write issues.


3 thoughts on “Urbana 12 Breakout Session Talks

  1. I especially appreciate the notes from the OVC talk, and your inclusion of God’s passion for orphans and fatherless, the reminder that this is bigger than just us feeling good about something, but this is a kingdom matter of great importance to our Father. I was struck by the side-by-side comparison of institutional orphanages vs. family-based foster care… wow, striking the differences in light of the development of a little one’s heart, mind, and soul.

    Thank you for your advocacy on behalf ot these little ones. And your practical suggestions too, near the end of the talk. Very good!

  2. Fantastic information Katherine!  Thanks for sharing it.  I sent it on to the Outreach Team.



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