Relentlessly Equipping

This week Katherine spent a couple of days in the North of Thailand with an organization that will soon open to house children who have been sexually traumatized. This group is making efforts to get their staff as well prepared as possible before receiving children into their homes. I spent time with the staff teaching (role-play and interactive quizzes were in the mix) some basic health care practices and  CPR. We discussed HIV, Hepatitis B, and other sexually transmitted infections. We also covered some anticipatory guidance about caring for children who have been chronically traumatized. We also reviewed some of the protocols that I have developed to help the staff deal with medical problems in an area where access to well-trained, holistic-minded health care professionals is almost non-existent.

It was a joy to work with the staff and to be a part of an organization that is forward-thinking and well-prepared! I’m looking forward to my next visit as there is much more information to cover with them.


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