Running for Justice: THANK YOU!

Although I was only able to complete 18.5 hours, covering 137 kilometers (85 miles) I still managed to raise $880 dollars for Relentless! Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously towards the project.

I have never before pushed myself physically to that extent and it was quite an experience to run through the night and through the pain, but with wonderful encouragement from the other participants and the volunteers. Throughout the race I thought of all those in greater pain and without the choice to be living in the pain: those enslaved in factories, fishing boats or brothels; people suffering from cancer or other terminal illness; children trapped in abusive households; and many others… I wish that through my running I could relieve some of their pain, but I cannot. I can only remember and pray for them, and in some small way do something to help them.

By supporting Relentless,

  • you help support the care of a street kid who has epilepsy.
  • You help the care of an African woman trafficked to Thailand and forced into prostitution.
  • You support the medical care people who are living in a transition home – free for the first time in their lives.
  • You are caring for children of formerly prostituted women who are seeking help and still remain at risk.
  • You are enabling me to travel further and to more places to work with more organization to train them in developing better trauma-informed health care standards in their shelters.

Furthermore, the funds will also go towards underwriting the costs of me attending a two week sexual assault forensic examination (SAFE) course in California this fall. Fortunately, because I’m in full-time humanitarian work, the institution has granted me a scholarship to cover the cost of the training. However, I’m still responsible for travel, transportation, accommodation and all the other costs and so this bonus will help a lot!

For a complete write-up on the ultramarathon event, please go to this link


Relentless forward progress with a smile always!


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