A clinic doesn’t have to be “clinical”

This past week was another clinic with Urban Light. I had the privilege of seeing 10 precious patients. This time, I got to see many new kids, as well as several follow-ups. The workshop on STIs that we held a couple of days prior helped segue discussions on these issues on an individual basis with the boys. Despite their hard life on the street and what they like to show, they are often quite shy and sensitive. What a blessing to be able to show them that I love them, even if it makes them a bit uncomfortable – but if not in this safe place, where and when?

In between the clinics I am available to help the staff with new or chronic health issues, from recommending plan of care, medications, and just being available for whatever questions the staff or boys may have. I look forward to deepening my relationship with the staff and the boys that are seeking a better life.

Next week in Bangkok I’ll be more medical consultations with a couple of other organizations that assist victims of trafficking.


2 thoughts on “A clinic doesn’t have to be “clinical”

  1. Blog posts don’t have to be long to be special. Thanks for sharing the blessings with us. I needed to hear some good news today!

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