Learning about STIs CAN be fun!

This week (Tuesday) I helped lead an STI (sexually transmitted infection) workshop at Urban Light. The boys are a lot of fun to be around, and when you make even serious subjects fun for them, they really get into it, but also learn a lot. Aw, one of the staff at UL, is super-talented at organizing activities and keeping them fresh and moving along.

The format of the afternoon was a couple of question and answer games. The first was a series of true/false questions and they answered by holding up green or red cards. Rhea, the intern, sometimes put up the wrong answer just to make the guys second-guess themselves and think about their answer. The guys were of course looking at each other’s but they were never quite sure if they could trust their buddies’ answers or not because nobody was always correct. A good lesson is there if they think about it.

Then we moved to a jeopardy game where we split the group in two and they answered the questions as a team. This of course really got them going! As the questions were asked and answered, I interjected by asking them to explain some of their answers. I then provided clarification and teaching on the points as they came up and sometimes we spent a bit of time covering a topic as new questions were raised.

I had a lot of fun and it is always interesting (and sometimes shocking) to hear about the thinking and beliefs of the boys on the street and they ask about stuff that they hear. It’s great that they have a place to come and get straight and correct answers!

This workshop was held as preparation for another Urban Light clinic to be held a couple of days later. These issues will be fresh in their minds and hopefully they will have thought more about their own health and hopefully it will be easier for me to probe into the specific issues and screen for symptoms in these high-risk boys.


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