FAQ: How can I get involved, get Relentless?

You can get Relentless in your own neighborhood or city by becoming aware of injustices around you. You can act locally for global impact by making informed choices when you shop – environmentally sustainable, not made by slave labor, etc.There are probably others who have already formed a local action group, organization or a chapter of a larger organization in your area. Inform yourself, then act. It doesn’t take a lot. I’ll be posting a reading list in future posts.

Of course, more can be done with more money, and with more people.  There are some big ideas with what I could do with more funds. For example, I would like to be able to be able to plan on regular visits to particular places to develop continuity, collect data, conduct follow up groups, and track progress of trainees. Help can come in other creative ways such as donating frequent flyer miles, volunteering time to help with administrative tasks, assisting in research, and I can think of many more ways for you to be involved.


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